About Us

Why this service

Get the parts we help you  build your Computer Bacause of the prices of Computer Parts Mainly “Graphics Cards ” due mainly to the  Global chip shortage and due of the current situation it became almost impossible to explain our quotes for Custom computers Builds at a we want you to have the best Fair price.

So while we wait for prices and availability to emprove we started this project:

“We help you to choose and buy the parts, In this website you find the best parts at the Best Prices from the most Reputable Online Retailer AMAZON , in turn Amazon can pay to us a commission from recommending a product.

We will be reachable by phone and email, so you can contact us with any question or compatibility questions that may araise, We will also give you support and help you build your dream Gaming Computer our Workstation.

Because we are very passionate about IT and we love to Build Gaming Computers while we dont start our new Project we keep you informed and up to date with the best parts and prices so we have build this Website.

We share all the parts here we used in our builds you can buy them and we build the computer our we just give you all the advises neded for you to  build youself a amazing Computer if you have any questions please Contac Us .