How it Works ?

This website has links to parts currently on sale from Amazon websites.


How exactly ?

We have hand picked Amazon Products and we have links to them in our website, each time you click a product link you are directed to Amazon and you buy the product from them.


But Why we do it ?

We want to make it easier for you to choose the right Computer parts, so we have hand picked the best Parts and added only the good ones, we have also added useful information to the products like performance, compatibility and videos of the final result if you choose a build we have already assembled. This way you know exactly the end Result how your PC will look.


How to do it ?

  1. Choose the Product you want
  2. On the Product Click the amazon country website Link that is best for you, available are — Amazon FR — ES -UK -DE
  3. Then you are directed to your Amazon account ready to add the product to the cart
  4. Buy the Product directly from Amazon and enjoy their amazing warranty and best prices along with free Shipping

You want to know the Total price for everything needed for your Computer? Just Click in your Products add to Wishlist.

Why do we have the work if we don’t make money?

We were forced to temporary close our shop because of the current Pandemic situation while we take a break we want to engage with our customers and do assembly videos we also make ourselves available in Luxembourg to assemble the computer with you for a small  fee. But Most important is we can earn an Amazon commission for products you buy from our links “amazon does not increase your price” the commission is from them directly.


Let us  help?

We know very well the Compatibility of parts, and we are here to help you.

An example you need Help choosing the right parts for your Computer build, we will be sure all the parts you choose are compatible and that the final result is an Awesome computer.

We will check the CPU and Motherboard Compatibility, Ram Compatibility with the Mothetboard, Motherboard size for case, Case size for Cooling solution and Graphics Card Length, Power supply in Watts needed for the system, How many Fans, if RGB make sure all RGB is controlled from same App.

Also, Witch CPU is needed for X… Graphics card, the best parts you can buy with….? Euros
Help you choose a silent Computer Case, Help you Choose all Integreted RGB, etc…
Do not hesitate we are here to help you.

Contact us at {} 00352 621 410 435