NZXT Gaming PC

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NZXT Gaming PC

Processor Intel Core i7-11700f
Water Cooling NZXT Kraken X63
Graphics Card MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Ti
Motherboard MSI MAG B560 Torpedo
RAM memory CorsairVengeance RGB Pro 16 Go (2x 8 Go) 3200 MHz
SSD m.2 Corsair MP510
Power Supply Corsair CV750 80 Plus Bronze
Case NZXT H510 Elite Black
Windows 10 Home

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Parts Used on this Computer Build

Intel Core i7 11700f

Intel Core i7-11700F (2.5 GHz / 4.9 GHz)

The 11th generation Intel Core Rocket Lake-S processor propels you to even more power thanks to its compatibility with the PCI-Express 4.0 standard and the presence of Hyper Threading throughout the range from the Core i3 to the Core i9. Its Turbo frequencies go higher and higher, keeping TDP identical to previous generations. Cutting-edge performance and fluidity are a must for everyone, whether for office, creative or gaming use. The Intel Core i7-11700F processor with 8 Cores (16 Threads), 16 MB cache, and up to 4.9 GHz Turbo frequencies is designed for savvy gamers and users who need a processor that’s comfortable in any situation.

Irresistible performance in the Games, virtual reality without slowing down, intensive multitasking, 11th generation Intel Core processors are ultra versatile and nothing scares them! The Intel Core i7-11700F lacks a built-in graphics controller that is generally not used by gamers and power users. This gives you greater flexibility in choosing the right graphics card for your needs.


The Intel Core i7-11700F processor packs 8 Cores and 16 threads with 16 MB of Cache. It offers high performance with its base frequency at 2.5 GHz and up to 4.9 GHz in Turbo mode. Its 65W TDP allows it to offer high operating frequencies while maintaining a controlled power consumption.

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Intel Core i7 11700f

GeForce RTX 3060 Ti

The MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Ti VENTUS 2X 8G V1 graphics card has 8 GB of next-generation GDDR6 video memory. This model benefits from high operating frequencies and an improved cooling system for reliability and long-term performance. With the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti model, NVIDIA makes even more accessible the high performance offered by Ampere graphics cards. Sublimated graphics, remarkable fluidity and incredible realism will allow you to get the most out of the latest PC games. All you have to do is dive into the heart of the action and fully immerse yourself in the game. The all-new Ventus graphics card series brings a breath of fresh air to MSI’s graphics card lines. With their design, they will fit perfectly into all configurations and their characteristics will allow them to provide high graphics performance.


The all-new Ventus graphics card series brings a breath of fresh air to MSI’s graphics card lines. With their design, they will fit perfectly into all configurations and their characteristics will allow them to provide high graphics performance.

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MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Ti VENTUS 2X 8G

Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 16GB 3200MHz

Corsair’s Vengeance RGB PRO Series high-end PC memories offer the best performance and stability for next-generation platforms with high overclocking potential. They also give you mesmerizing dynamic multizone RGB lighting controlled directly from Corsair iCUE software. Vengeance RGB PRO Series PC memories are optimized for Intel X299 platforms.


These memories are the latest from the manufacturer Corsair and as such, they embed the best of Corsair technology and the ultimate in RGB lighting. Each module has ten individually controlled RGB LEDs.

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Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 32GB 3200MHz

NZXT Kraken X63

The AiO NZXT Kraken X63 watercooling brings you optimal cooling performance thanks to its high static pressure Aer P fans and extensive customization thanks to the CAM software. The Kraken X 3 Series retains the customizable lighting effects and quiet performance of the previous generation and adds a HUE 2 connector for even more RGB lighting possibilities. The CAM software solution is easy to learn and makes you the undisputed master of your Kraken cooling system. With intuitive and easy-to-use controls, you can easily manage the performance and appearance of your Kraken.


Aer P radiator fans are designed to provide airflow with a chamfered air inlet and Fluid Dynamics Bearing (FDB) that ensures quiet operation, optimum durability and excellent cooling performance.

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Msi MAG B560 Torpedo


Ready to accommodate 3rd generation AMD Ryzen processors (name of Core Matisse), the ASUS ROG STRIX B550-A GAMING motherboard is ideal for building a powerful and balanced gaming PC. PCI-Express 4.0 support takes you to new heights. With support for DDR4 RAM up to 128 GB, PCI-Express 3.0 graphics cards, M.2 PCIe 4.0 4x drives, ASUS ROG STRIX B550-A GAMING motherboard benefits thanks to its AMD chipset B550, the very best. With two M.2 PCIe slots, one of which is 4.0 standard, the ASUS ROG STRIX B550-A GAMING motherboard supports up to two NVMe SSDs to boost your gaming PC’s performance. You enjoy the fastest data transfer speeds on the 3rd generation AMD Ryzen platform.


  • Support for 10th generation and 11th generation Intel Core processors on LGA 1200 socket
  • DDR4 memory support, up to 5066 MHz (OC)
  • Extreme cooling with wider heat sink and M.2 Shield Frozr slots for consistently good temperature
  • 2.5 GbE LAN Connector with LAN Manager for perfect connection
  • USB-C 3.2 20 Gb/s
  • Audio Boost: High Audio Quality for Outstanding Sound Rendering

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Corsair CV750 80PLUS Bronze

The Corsair CV750 80PLUS Bronze power supply has a black sheathed wiring to integrate discreetly in your case. The power supplies of the Corsair CV range are ideal for your new computer thanks to their 80 PLUS Bronze certification, which guarantees to provide the necessary power to your system at all times.

The power supplies of the CV series feature a 120 mm thermoregulated fan that ensures the quiet cooling of your system, while its compact format easily adapts to almost any modern PC enclosure with a length of only 125mm.


The Corsair CV series power supplies are only 125 mm long, making them easy to integrate into almost any modern PC case.

The silent 120 mm thermoregulated fan only runs at full speed when the load is high and slows down again at low speeds.

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Corsair CV750 80PLUS Bronze

NZXT H510 Elite Black

Just like the other H series boxes from NZXT this H510 Elite box is designed to offer you incredible performance and all with the maximum silence. Compact, with an elegance worthy of the other H-Series models, with stunning tempered glass panels and RGB lighting, it’s ready to accommodate your dream setup. It can receive a motherboard in Mini-ITX, Micro ATX, ATX format with a 381 mm graphics card. Complying with the standards set by the H-Series in every way, it features a removable radiator mounting bracket, easy-to-use SSD trays and a patented cable management system for a smarter, easier-than-ever build experience. Not only sublime in its design, this NZXT H510 Elite case is ideal for you to create your PC. Compact, it is still designed to accommodate Mini-ITX, Micro ATX and ATX motherboards. It gives you the freedom to install a graphics card up to 381mm in length. This high-end mid-tower case features the now famous NZXT CAM which controls RGB lighting and fan cooling performance.


The intelligent noise reduction function of the NZXT CAM has the particularity of optimizing the acoustic environment of your PC. It is indeed able to detect the sound level and select the most suitable parameters.

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Corsair MP510 480GB

If you want to go faster, the SSD M.2 NVMe 1.3 Corsair Force MP510 V2 is the drive you need. Ultra-fast and reliable, it will significantly boost the performance of NVMe 1.3 compatible laptops and computers. The Corsair Force MP510 V2 480 GB delivers speeds of up to 3480 MB/s in read and 2000 MB/s in sequential write.


The MP510 V2’s all-new high-performance data controller offers up to 3,480 MB/s of sequential reading and up to 3,000 MB/s of sequential writing for ultra-fast read, write and reply times (performance varies by model and capability). The M.2 NVMe 1.3 PCI-Express 3.0 4x interface offers a simple connection and maximum bandwidth.

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Corsair MP510 480 Go

Corsair Force Series MP510 240GB NVMe M.2 SSD Testing - YouTube